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Organize Your Space and Open the Possibilities.

Organized by Design is a professional organizing business located in Los Angeles.

We work with each client to create an environment that will bring a feeling of joy and ease. We are the extra set of eyes to help you let go of items that no longer serve you. You will see, when you release things, you will feel lighter and you will create the space for changes in other areas of your life.

We will help put practical systems in place that work specifically for you to help you maintain your new setup and newly found peace of mind.

About Anchor

Our Services



Purge unwanted items. Keep and organize only the things you love and use. Find a place for everything. Set up logical systems to keep you on track.



Sort through and decide what stays and what goes. Manage packing and all other phases of your move. Unpack and organize everything.

Space Planning

Space Planning

Give your place a refresh. Breathe new life into existing pieces or find unique treasures to incorporate. Create a more functional flow in your space.

Happy Clients' Homes

I loved working with Organized By Design! Erica was so in tune with me and what I needed to make my space feel more organized and offered useful suggestions to help me keep it that way. 

Sarah Hart

School Counselor

Erica was very efficient and organized while helping me sort through my home office. I will definitely be using her services again!

Jennie Berger

Senior Sales Executive

I use Organized By Design to keep my home and office in order regularly. Erica is knowledgable, professional and above all friendly:) I don't know what I would do without her!

Dawn Dafgek

Business Owner

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If you’re ready to get organized and would like to learn more about our services, please fill out our form or contact us directly and we will reach out to you within 24 hours.




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